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Intermediate Bite Sleeves

Time passes. Puppies grow. And now they need to pass to the next level of bite training. Here, in this category, we would like to offer you Bite Protection Sleeves for Training Young Dogs. They are made of high-quality natural Jute and French Linen materials. When you order a bite protection sleeve for training young dogs, you should note that some of the sleeves are ambidextrous and other types are used only for one arm. If you are going to put the dog training sleeve on the left arm, choose 'Left' and vice versa. Choose the model that fit your way of dog training better.

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NEW ARRIVALS - Dog Bite Sleeves

Training Dog Sleeve for Perfect Fit

When a dog is experienced enough with bite tugs, it is high time for a really important step in young dog's life, involving such tools as bite sleeves. It helps the canine to improve his skills and to work on the full mouth grip.

The advantages of bite protection sleeve for training young dogs

  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Advanced bite surface for young dogs
  • Light weight
  • Perfect bite bar angle
  • Flexible
  • Does not contain any metal or plastic outside of the sleeve
  • Soft interior
  • Outside round handle
  • Inside padded hard handle
  • Hard plastic shoulder protection
  • Approved by professional dog trainers and vets

The key feature of our bite sleeves is their light weight. It doesn't matter whether the arm sleeve is made of Jute or French Linen, it is designed so that the decoy can feel the bite pressure. Perfectly angled bite bar will guarantee safe and quality bite work. We advise using this dog sleeve for training both young and experienced young dogs under age of 12 months. If your dog is older than 12 months, please consider x-sleeve - bite sleeve for training adult dogs.

When to use our Intermediate Bite Sleeves for Dog Training

  • Advanced bite work with sleeve for young dogs
  • Working on bite drive
  • Building full mouth proper angle bite foundation
  • Schutzhund training

To provide you with more safety during dog bite training sessions, our intermediate bite sleeves have shoulder protection. In some models, this protective part of the sleeve is removable.

There is also a special model, the 'quick reward' sleeve. Due to the short bite bar barrel and easy wide sleeve entrance point, it allows you to remove your arm fast during bite training.

Please be advised! We do not recommend you to start bite training if you are not a professional dog trainer. Dog bite training should always be left to professionals. If you can't afford it, don't do it. Instead of it, spend more time with your dog, play with him/her and improve your relationships. The better your relationships with your dog are, the more likely that your dog will go out of his/her way to protect you. Please, keep in mind, there are far more important skills of a protection dog than to bite.

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