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Leg Sleeves

Get the best canine equipment for professional dog training! Our e-store offers you a big variety of dog bite protection sleeves, divided into several catogories: palm protectors, protection bite sleeves for arms with shoulder protection, half leg sleeves, special dog bite suits and hidden protection bite sleeves. For better results in training, you can combine equipment and use, for example, arm and leg sleeves or palm protectors and arm bite protection sleeves with shoulder shields.

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What are leg bite sleeves made of?

This section is dedicated to the leg bite sleeves, which are made of French linen material or Jute material, which are safe for the trainer to wear and for dogs to bite. Also, you can choose the leg bite protection sleeve with or without special bite bar, to make your dog training harder or easier.

Intended use of leg sleeves:

  • Guard dog training
  • Attack/protection training
  • Special units training
  • Police training
  • How to wear leg protection bite sleeves?

    Due to the smart ambidextrous construction of protective leg sleeve, you can wear it either on right leg or left, to have the best results while training. To start professional dog training, using one of the leg bite sleeves mentioned above, you have to put the anti-slide nylon strap across your foot, then to fix the sleeve on your leg with velcros, grab the control handle and you are ready for training!

    Do I need to be a professional dog trainer to use these leg sleeves?

    You have to understand, that you take the whole responsibility on you while training, so dog training using leg bite sleeves must be held (or at least supervised) by professional dog trainers.


    Before getting ready for training, make sure you've read all recommendations and information about the product to avoid any unpleasant situations.

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