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Spiked Dog Collars

Unique Design Leather and Nylon Collars for Walking in Style

To be a law-abiding dog owner you have to put on your beloved dog a collar for everyday walking. But what if you are tired of strange-looking or dull collars? What if you want your canine to look like a rock star or a space traveller and to catch jealous glances of other pet owners? What if you want to emphasize the unique style of your gorgeous canine? Thеn this category is exactly for you!

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Variations of Spiked Dog Collars:

Speaking about the Spiked Dog Collars category, it has a lot of different combinations to offer you for everyday activities with your lovely pooch:

  • nylon dog collars with spikes;
  • thin leather dog collars with spikes;
  • leather dog collars with combined decorations - spikes, studs and plates;
  • leather collars with spikes and skulls - pirate design;
  • colorful - white and pink spiked leather dog collars;
  • Nappa (soft leather) padded leather dog collars with spikes, fur saving plate and neat stitching;
  • wide and extra wide leather dog collars with 3, 4 or 5 rows of spikes and more!
Walking Riesenschnauzer Collar Leather Handset Nickel Spikes

Riesenschnauzer in Thin Spiked Leather Dog Collar

Spiked dog collars are the most popular among offered pet collars for daily walking. Also, this type of canine collars are good for holiday dog walking and for special occasions when you want to impress everybody in the neighbourhood. So, the intended use of spiked dog collars can be:

  • daily walking;
  • holiday walking;
  • stylish walking;
  • dog shows or special occasions;
  • basic training.

But sometimes dog owners are afraid to order such collars exactly because of spikes, as they are considered to be sharp. No, it's not true. The spikes on these collars are blunted for safe wearing. But anyway, it's not recommended to leave a dog in spiked collar unattended, especially near little children.

What are the spiked collars made of?

There are 2 variations of basic materials for dog collars with spikes - strong nylon (for any weather dog activities) and soft genuine leather (for nice and gentle wearing, avoiding irritations or rubbing). All the materials, used for the production of spiked dog collars are safe for the pet's health to wear! The decorations are plated with brass and have gold-like shining or plated with nickel and have a silver-like look. These decorations are riveted manually (without sharpenings) for better durability and good fixation. So, the feeling of comfort while wearing is provided with this spiked dog item!

Spiked Leather Cane Corso Collar

Cane Corso wears Pink Collar with Spikes for Female Dog Walking

What is the mixed-decoration type of collars?

The mixed-decoration type of dog collars is perfect for those dog owners, who want to show their sense of style to everybody! You can check the collar with spikes and studs, or the collar with plates, studs and spikes, with skulls and spikes (pirate design), extra wide with spikes or even more you'll find on our website. Also, we have a special collection of pink leather dog collars with spikes for female dog walking and elegant white leather dog collars with spikes for he/she dogs walking. If you have any questions or difficulties in choosing a proper canine collar for your pet, please, contact us.

How to choose the spiked collar?

Depending on your dog breed, it's recommended to choose the collar, suitable your pet the most. For example, thin spiked dog collars are perfect for puppies or small dog breeds with short necks and wide or extra wide dog collars with spikes are good for middle-sized dog breeds or large dogs with massive necks. Before ordering a collar, you have to take the correct measurements of your beloved dog, to write them into the right section of chosen collar (among the categories) on our website and then, click to buy! But if you still have any doubts or questions on how to choose the best dog collar for your canine, please contact us.

Wide Leather Caucasian Shepherd Collar

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Collar with Shiny Spikes

How to maintain spiked collars?

As you probably know, nylon is a very strong material, which can be used for any time and any weather. So, after dog walking in spiked nylon dog collar, it's enough to wipe the dirt with cloth and leave it in a dry place. As for spiked leather collars, it is recommended to apply special treatments, like conditioners, leather dressings or balms. Also, after dog walking, wipe the dirt with a clean cloth and leave it in a dry place, but do not dry it on a radiator!

Spiked Leather Cane Corso Collar

Cane Corso Elegant White Leather Dog Collar with Spikes

If you want your leather product to serve you and your doggie for a long time, treat it with leather conditioner or balms from time to time (once in several months).

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