German Shepherd

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German Shepherd

Check Premium Quality Harnesses, Collars, Leashes, Toys and Other Training Gear for Your Dog!

Welcome to our online store with a great choice of German Shepherd Dog Collars, Dog Leashes, Dog Harnesses and Dog Muzzles! What sets our products apart from the rest? Top-quality dog collars, harnesses, muzzles and leashes are made from top grade super soft genuine leather and durable nylon with hardware that won't tarnish making the gear one of the best on the market. Each one of the items is made by hand, with love. Browse through our site and we are sure you will find the perfect custom leather dog collar, leash, harness or muzzle for your German Shepherd companion. If not, contact us and we can help you to find something truly special and unique for your dearest pet!

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NEW ARRIVALS - German Shepherd

About breed

German Shepherd Dogs are unique creatures who are one of the most easily recognised breeds in the world. Muscular by their appearance, alert with a noble and aloof attitude and smart by nature, they are favourite pets for plenty of families in the world. The dogs are agile, well balanced and carry themselves with pride. Their coats come in a range of colours. Due to our wide range of accessories and colors available (black, brown, tan, white, pink), you can choose the most appropriate for your canine.

The German Shepherd makes the best friends with the handler developing a very close bond with him. This dog is eager to learn and very responsive to training. For this reason, you can purchase training dog equipment for him/her.

The young pups, puppies and adult German Shepherds need some hours of daily entertaining after exercising. With our attractive toys and bite tugs, you can combine these 2 activities in one. Increase your pet’s intelligence with training and brain games.

Grooming should be done several times a week, with a vigorous brushing to remove any dead or loose hairs. If it is a longhaired German Shepherd dog, combing will also be necessary. Buy comfy brushes for your darling doggie!

German Shepherd Collars

Dog Collars impress with their variety. Collars can be used for helping to control your dog, can be personalised for identification and have also become popular as pet fashion accessories. Dog collars are commonly paired with a lead and used for dog walking. A dog collar can also be used for attaching ID tags and medical information too. Choose from Leather Dog Collars and Nylon Dog Collars, with padded, stitched and studded options are available.

Braided Leather Dog Collar

Nappa Padded Leather Dog Collar with Braids

Durable, tough and functional, these handcrafted dog collars have timeless appeal. Their classic, extraordinary or elegant look features durable metal buckle with D-ring. These qualities make collars ideal for everyday use.

Metal Collars are produced by sophisticated techniques, consistent quality control, superb craftsmanship and the highest quality raw materials. Herm Sprenger German chain products are superior by no means. Chrome/brass plated, or stainless steel, they feature maximum strength and durability. Will not tarnish, rust or break.

German Shepherd Harnesses

FDT Harnesses this is a perfect combination of style and practicality for everyday walking of your German Shepherd. High-quality, ordinary and fashionable harnesses made of genuine leather, developed to meet customers’ requirements and demands for good style and elegance are here to choose. The harness is a great tool to help the dog owner to take control over his dog in a kind and humane way.

Nylon Dog Harness with Comfy Handle

Nylon Dog Harness with Patches

Harnesses for large dogs prevent your dog from pulling and reduce the risk of neck injuries. FDT harness spreads the load around the chest instead of concentrating it around the neck. This is very comfortable and safe for little pets. So you can choose appropriate gear for even a puppy or small dog. A harness, chosen and fitted properly, can be safer than a collar for your dog to wear when being walked.

German Shepherd Muzzles

Dog muzzles are considered a very helpful aid to a dog training program or just daily walking. When your German Shepherd is muzzled, it is safe to walk with him everywhere. Visiting public places, special occasions or planned vet visit will become a pleasure for both of you. Leather, metal or nylon, FDT muzzles are different and respond to many purposes. Special wire cages allow your pet drinking and eating.  Basket muzzles provide free barking and panting but still prevent biting. So do leather mesh muzzles.

Cage Design Leather Dog Muzzle

Padded on Nose Leather Dog Muzzle

If you wish to stop your canine barking, there is a nice choice of anti-barking gear. If you are a fan of exclusive accessories, here are studded dog muzzles. The common features of these tools are their strength, reliability, durability, comfort and high quality.

German Shepherd Leads

After purchasing a perfect leather dog collar, harness or muzzle, you will definitely need a leash to go with it. And not just an ordinary leash you can buy at our store for your German Shepherd, but exclusive handcrafted accessories. There are different types of leashes to choose from: plain, handcrafted, braided leather and nylon.  Leather leashes come in black, brown and tan. Nylon are only black. Our leashes are available in different lengths and different widths - you are sure to find a leash that suits you and your dog! Genuine leather is super soft from the start and extremely durable. Nylon is very durable, water-resistant, and won’t be damaged with age and use.

To pamper your German Shepherd, there is a nice opportunity for you. The best dog treats, safe and tasty; cool pet toys and bite dog tugs, great as for training as for playing; different kennel accessories to take care of your canine every day and many other interesting goods made with the dog in mind!

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